Throw Up

2015-09-11 5:00 pm

​The Northern Fulmar is a real bird, and it’s not even the only bird that uses vomit as a defense. Check out a video of the Fulmar in action here.

Next weekend I’ll be in Portland, Oregon for Rose City Comic Con. You can find me at Table Q9, and I’ll be selling books and drawing sketches all weekend!

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Vegan Banh Mi

2015-08-29 11:07 pm

​During all the stressing over a housewarming party I was cooking for, I neglected Friday’s comic. Sorry! In my defense, I prepared five dishes. It was pretty wild.

In return for my slight, here’s my vegan banh mi recipe, which was a huge hit. Feel free to use pork instead of tofu if that’s your jam.

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Upcoming Con Schedule!

2015-07-27 12:58 pm

​Hey folks! I’ll be in these fine cities over the next few months. Hope to see you there!

September 4 - 7 Atlanta, Georgia
I’ll be speaking on several panels during Dragon Con on the science track. In addition, I’ll have a table where I’ll be signing and selling books and more. In addition, there will be a Dragon Con exclusive item of some sort. Stay tuned!

September 19 & 20 Portland, Oregon
Come see me at Rose City Comic Con for my last visit to the west coast this year. Sorry PAX :(

September 25 - 27 Northampton, Massachusetts
Yay Topatocon! Super excited to be there, where Dante Shepherd and I will be doing a science workshop! Details soon!

Tentative cons include:

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Onwards, Vancouver!

2015-05-20 1:53 am

In addition to preparing for the start of Chapter 6, I’ve been jumping back and forth across Canada. Next stop on my list is the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. I’ll have all the usual swag there, so stop on by table E4 and say hey! It’s free admission, so no excuses if you’re in the area.

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2015-05-06 11:21 am

Hey everyone, if you’re in Toronto this weekend for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, stop by Table 242 on the second floor. I’ll have MEMORY, GAMES, my vaccine comic, and the brand new OTP book, which features 15 pages of new art and the long awaited ending to the first chapter of the series!

Check out this beautiful review of MEMORY if you want to know more.

And you can read some of the original OTP comics over at Boxplot

Hope to see you there!

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