I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't do any retail job comics in SuRe. As far as webcomics go, it’s a pretty well-used plot device (though only because it’s a ubiquitous real life plot device). Originally I had planned to skip the details of her day altogether, but in the end acquiesced in order to better set up Friday’s comic. Strips like this give me room to insert little clues into aspects of the story not related to the comic itself. All this early scene-setting has a purpose after all. Just don’t expect too many glimpses into Riti’s work day. More news and announcements after the break... Read More >>



Those familiar with the Sufficiently Remarkable pilot on Strip Search should have no fear of having been spoiled to the events in the comic. I've fiddled with it a bit. I won't tell you how much, though. Most importantly, the pilot left out a lot of setup. I couldn't justify it given the judge's preference towards humor. So in many ways, folks watching the show got a not-so-accurate picture of what I envisioned for the comic. Pacing and rhythm often favor a punchline. It just works better for a strip to have beats. It feels weird to be left hanging at the end of a comic. Against all my better judgment, I'm going to play around with that a bit throughout the course of the story. We'll see how it goes. Read More >>

Art on the Mind


​Hey New Yorkers! Tonight at ABC No Rio is the opening reception of Collect, Store, Retrieve, an exploration of the “mechanics, makeup, fallibility, and plasticity of memory.” The show is curated by Brian George and Kelly Savage and is funded in part with support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts. Read More >>
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