Strip Search DVDs on Sale!

2014-12-05 2:01 am

In case you missed it, Strip Search Season One DVDs went on sale last week. It not only includes the adventures of four lovable comic scamps, but also a WHOLE DAY of commentary and previously unseen footage.

While supplies last, it also comes with an exclusive print drawn by Abby, Katie, and me. It’s pretty cool.

Go get it!

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2014-12-02 2:17 pm

On a short Thankgiving/post-Thanksgiving break. Will be back on Friday. Hope all of you ate too much, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not wink

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October Con Schedule

2014-09-18 11:16 pm

​Hey everyone! Here’s where you can find me this fall:

October 4-5 - MICExpo. Cambridge, MA

October 10-13 - New York Comic Con. New York, NY

October 18 - NASW Annual Meeting. Columbus, OH

October 19 - BAHFest East. Cambridge, MA

Yes, it’s all in October. Pray for Maki. (Also, come on by and say hello!)

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2014-08-29 11:49 am

Hello everyone, I am currently at PAX Prime in Seattle, where I am debuting my latest Sufficiently Remarkable mini comic, MEMORY.

Like GAMES before it, MEMORY is a standalone story separate from the current arc. It is a non-essential, yet supplemental piece available only in print at a convention near you (and on the SuRe store in due time). If you’re at PAX, stop by Bandland to see me and the rest of the Strip Search gang and grab a copy today!
See you in September!

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2014-08-11 2:29 pm

​I’m in California for SciFoo so I thought I’d take a moment to showcase two pages from GAMES, the standalone Sufficiently Remarkable book available in book form only. You can buy it online in the SuRe store, OR I’ll have copies at PAX PRIME this Labor Day weekend. If you’re in Seattle, stop by Bandland and pick up a copy!

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