Road Trip

2014-03-03 9:51 am

Hey everyone. ​Through a series of remarkable events, I have found myself taking a cross-country road trip this week. That’s not to say the comics will stop flowing (I’ve already scheduled the next few weeks’ worth!) nor will I be out of touch. I’m planning to tweet updates along the way—particularly at the end where I will be visiting the California contingent of my Strip Search cast mates! Suffice to say, I’m really excited I could make this trip work. The circumstances surrounding it are exactly the sort of thing that inspired me to create Sufficiently Remarkable, so there’s bound to be some material to be gathered for future comics. Also, I’ve never been on a road trip of this scale, and I’d be silly not to take up the chance to see the country along with some of my best friends.

In Kickstarter news, there’s only a handful of you left waiting on physical rewards. Which is exciting! As I’d love to start working on the commission pieces (Social media avatars, character drawings, and more) ASAP. Also at that point, we can begin exploring other opportunities to get you all involved with SuRe’s future—and I don’t just mean money. For example, if the Kickstarter webcasts go well, I’d love to figure out a way to do that sort of thing regularly.

Looking forward to it!

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