Grand Opening

2013-11-10 10:43 pm

​Hey Everyone, welcome to the official opening of Sufficiently Remarkable! Brought to you by the amazing folks who backed my Kickstarter in July, this site is the new home for the pilot comic I pitched as the final challenge in Strip Search, and hopefully for any other projects yet to come.

Rather than get right into the story, I wanted to give the early adopters something special to read, while also giving me a chance to ease into the look and feel of the comic. What that turned into was a prologue to the story involving a not-so-uneventful trip to the beach. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether this was inspired by an actual trip to the beach or not. It was a blast to draw, and I hope it gives an accurate snapshot of the sort of things you’ll be able to expect from SuRe in the future.

So go ahead, ye masses. Read the comic, peruse the galleries, and buy stuff from the store. If this is your first time here, you have some catching up to do! Go on and read from the beginning. I’ll see you Friday.

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